In early 2017, Eagle Pharmaceuticals assembled experts from organizations representing patient advocates, health care providers, military health workers, youth and sports safety professionals, emergency medicine professionals and outdoor laborers to elevate exertional heat stroke (EHS) on the national health agenda.

The goal is to increase awareness, drive policy changes and address opportunities to inform future educational efforts for EHS. The working group participants identified three primary ways in which to elevate EHS on the national health agenda:

  1. Raise awareness of EHS
  2. Increase education about EHS
  3. Encourage effective EHS policy

Working group participants distilled their immediate recommendations in the signed consensus statement below and are continuing to work toward improving EHS awareness, prevention and treatment through partnerships and educational efforts.

Download the EHS Consensus Statement (PDF).


Bud Cooper, EdD

Clinical Associate Professor, Kinesiology, The University of Georgia

Brooke de Lench

Founding Executive Director, MomsTeam Institute, Inc.

Yvette Rooks, MD, CAQ, FAAFP

Sports Medicine Physician