Temperatures are rising across the globe, and rising right along with them is the risk of heat-related illnesses like exertional heat stroke (EHS),1 which can result in organ damage or even death in some cases.2  The Heat Factor is an educational platform designed to raise awareness of EHS and encourage communities to be prepared for an EHS emergency.

Talk to your child’s coach, principal or school nurse to start an EHS conversation in your community. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, where you can find further information on EHS, share content to spread the conversation, keep people healthy and ultimately help save lives.

The Heat Factor is sponsored by Eagle Pharmaceuticals. Eagle hopes to protect today’s youth and those at risk of EHS by raising awareness. Educating parents and coaches about the signs and symptoms of this medical emergency could help save lives.2 Together with all-star quarterback Drew Brees and The Heat Factor, Eagle has set out to start a national conversation about EHS and help ensure communities are prepared.


Download The Heat Factor fact sheet to learn more or spread the word about the campaign.




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